Baby Led Weaning: Yoghurt

I loved this video from Jess showing off Ben’s brilliant spoon skills on the Baby Led Weaning Blog and I’d been waiting all Summer to chuck Blake in the paddling pool outside and get him to try the same thing.  Unfortunately as our Summer actually happened way back in April (no joke!) it’s never been warm enough to strip him off and attempt this.

I think I’ve been quite uptight and defensive about BLW with many people.  The first thing they say is “oooh I bet that’s messy!” and I’ve been determined to prove that it isn’t.  However, on the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?!

  • Does it matter that his clothes may get dirty?  No… That’s why I have a washing machine.
  • Does it matter that it might go all over his high chair?  Well, nope I have to clean it down every time we use it anyway.
  • Does it matter that it might go all over the floor?  Er… no!  That’s what I have a mop for (and a 16 week old puppy who will no doubt lick it up before the mop comes out!).
Today I decided to chill on the whole mess issue and just let him go for it.

On a recent shopping trip I discovered these yoghurts by Plum and immediately snapped them up as they’re the only ones I have found that don’t contain added sugar, fructose or sucrose.  They’re organic and very tasty.

Plum organic baby yoghurtsI gave Blake one small pot to start with along with a spoon, and both just got flung straight on the floor for the puppy to devour.  I don’t know whether he thought the small pot was a toy as I’ve never given him the pot to hold, just spoons.  So, I grabbed another one and decanted it into a plastic bowl.  Again, I gave him a spoon.  He tried initially to use it but very quickly realised that sticking your whole hand in the bowl and then licking your fingers was much more fun.  Before I had the chance to grab the camera to show this hilarious finger licking, he had progressed onto licking and sucking the yoghurt from the actual bowl!  It was incredibly messy but so much fun.  He laughed and laughed and just kept tipping the bowl up and sucking the sloppy yoghurt as gravity moved it towards his mouth.  I wish I had had a video camera to hand as the happy satisfied noises of him slurping his yoghurt were so funny!

baby led weaning eating from bowl
baby led weaning self feeding
baby led weaning self feeding

It’s not something we will be attempting every day and I shall continue to offer him pre-loaded spoons as we have been doing these past few months to improve his self feeding skills.

However, you can’t beat a bit of messy Baby Led Weaning fun once in a while can you?!

baby led weaning mess yoghurt

3 responses to “Baby Led Weaning: Yoghurt

  1. Love this post! We’ve just started BLW and I really love it. I’ve just accepted though that I’ll have to mop and sweep every time… The benefits out weigh the mess though! My little man is almost 7-months and can self fee with a preloaded spoon and can drink water from a cup!

    • Awww that’s great! My little man is a bit obsessed with spoons (see earlier blog about Uri Gellar!) so pre loaded works sometimes and then others is a disaster. I’m also just working on a post about drinking cups as we’ve hit a wall with those too. But I think I have found a solution! Thanks for reading, stopping by and commenting xxx

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