Watch out Uri Gellar!

This baby led weaning lark is still going well. Unfortunately though I made the mistake of grabbing a metal teaspoon a few days ago to help with a particularly sloppy homemade lasagne. Now Blake has fallen head over heels in love with metal spoons. His face lights up when he sees one. At feeding times, he cries and grabs the cutlery drawer until he gets a teaspoon. He can’t yet feed himself with it but he has a damn good try and creates a right racket at the same time.

So, we’ve just had Tesco deliver the weekly shop so I moved him out of the doorway and helped with the delivery. His chair was nearer the cutlery drawer than it usually is and when I came back in the room a mere 10 seconds later he’d gone all Uri Gellar on me!


Fear me Uri Gellar for I am your new nemesis!

I’ve just tried to clear them away but he kicked off and is insisting on bashing them on every available surface. A bit like a really crap, really out of time one man baby band. Please God, don’t let this be the start of him wanting to play drums. I’m hoping he gets into a nice quiet hobby when he’s older, you know like knitting or drawing or something equally as tranquil like bird watching.

For now though I’m off to find some paracetamol for the headache and Google ‘rubber stainless steel look spoons’ in the hope that will fool him. He’s having none of the Tommee Tippee baby ones…


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