Fruit and K cups (just for Andy Appleton)

Just for Andy, because he whinged that there’s no storms and no K cups on this blog.

I couldn’t find a storm, they’re a bit difficult to come by on a mild Sunday morning, so will the contents of a fruit bowl do instead?


Lots love,

Gem x

Ps – if you’re wondering who Andy Appleton is, he’s a former Blackburn nightclub managing legend who got talking to a (very lovely) American ‘adult entertainer’ star on Twitter. Few months later married her, moved to LA and is now making films such as Star Wars XXX. I wish I could say I’d made all that up, but it’s all true. You couldn’t write this stuff! But he does, his blog is very entertaining. Well, it was, until O2 banned me from looking at it until I verify my age with a credit card!

One response to “Fruit and K cups (just for Andy Appleton)

  1. I just spat a cup of Tesco tea on my computer screen… I have definitely seen it all now!

    My my, that is alot of organic produce, so you DO get many of those to the pound, Nice melons… etc, etc. Anyway, thankyou for the smile but I must rush “what can you fit in my bra” has just given me an idea for a new movie …and I now fancy a fruit salad!

    Hope all is well with you & the family & you are all having a great first Fathers day.

    Love, Andy & Kylie x

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