Dear Blake: Writing memories today, for my son to read tomorrow

There I was on Saturday night, scoffing my Dairy Milk (that was hidden behind my sofa cushion, sneaking cubes of chocolate when Shaun wasn’t looking so he couldn’t call me a fattie) and then this advert came on TV:

I was happily enjoying the advert, smiling at the baby pics and the videos of screaming child whilst munching on my Saturday night treats. Then the ‘I love you Dad’ pic came on the screen with the typed message ‘This is going straight on the Fridge’ appeared and my bottom lip started to go. The mega piece of Dairy Milk I’d rammed in there 30 seconds earlier was bobbing ferociously as my chin did a Whitney-esque ‘I-will-always-love-you’ wobble.

‘You’ve still got so much ahead’ he types into the message subject bar and my mouth is now wide open, melted Dairy Milk and saliva cocktail starting to fall to the front of my chocolate stuffed gob.

‘I’ve been emailing you all of your life’ goes across the screen and I now have full on tears falling down my face and I’m starting to choke on said Dairy Milk and saliva cocktail.

‘One day we’ll look back at these together’ is now being typed and I am snorting chocolatey spit to the back of my throat whilst frantically searching for a tissue and feeling like I’m going to hyperventilate all the way to the Royal Liverpool Hospital. (OK, bit dramatic but you get the picture!).

Within seconds of the advert finishing I was straight onto Gmail creating Blake an email address. I wasn’t sure what to write for a few days. After all, he’s only six months old right now. Then one night when he had awoken and I was feeding him in the nice quiet dark bedroom I started to type. This was the very first email my little boy received:

Dear Blake,

Hi! Mummy here! (Or Just Mum as you will probably be calling me by the time you read this). I thought I would set you up an email address and then send you lots of nice messages that we can read together when you are old enough to understand.

This is a picture of you when you were born:

This is a picture of you when you were 3 months old with Daddy: And this is how you look at the time of me writing this (very surprised by a blue cup for some reason!): Right now you’re 6 months old and you are the light of my world. From the moment you wake up, those bright blue eyes of yours sparkle and your smile melts my heart. You adore your Daddy and he always gets the biggest and best smiles.

Things you like right now;
– Mummy’s singing. Especially anything by Gloria Estefan (but don’t tell anyone, even now, it’s not cool!)
– Dads n lads time. This is when Daddy gets in from work and whips you up into a frenzy!
– bath time
– pulling your willy when I go to change your nappy (this amuses you greatly and you giggle like mad!)
– farting
– avocado (we have just started giving you solid food – you are so funny with it).
– mummy cuddles. Especially at 3/4/5am every night!

Things you don’t like:
– mushrooms
– your car seat
– the house alarm
– dogs barking
– when it’s hot
– not being able to play with Mummy’s iPhone.

Well that’s about it for today. I just wanted to start this off.

Before I go I want to tell you how happy you make me. Before you came along, I thought I knew what it meant to love and be happy but I realise now I didn’t know these things at all. Not that I don’t love your Daddy, I do! More than any words can describe but the love I feel for you kind of, in a way, hurts it’s that strong. You are the best thing that ever happened to your Daddy and I and we watch with awe, love and pride at how much you change and develop. It’s overwhelming looking at you now with your whole life ahead of you. It’s exciting too!

We love you so very much.

Love Mummy & Daddy xxx

Ps – for the record, you are most definitely Ginger.

17 responses to “Dear Blake: Writing memories today, for my son to read tomorrow

  1. Darn you woman, i cried then i laughed, then i cried a bit. Google Chrome are bringing out the big guns and pulling at those heart strings with those ad’s, but this is such a nice thought and so very modern.

    Very beautiful, bravo x

  2. Wow Gemma! That brought tears to my eyes and down my face. Every word you wrote (typed) is exacty how I feel for my little man. Love it!!

    • Thank you Ben, that’s a mega compliment coming from you. You can also thank yourself for the Gloria Estefan reference! Blake loves the YouTube megamix of her tracks and I’ve neatly learned all the words to ‘conga’ for the next time I do karaoke! X

  3. Love it, brought a tear to my eye – bless your heart! Such a wonderful message to Blake and I cant wait to hear more messages and about your journey. Ive just shared the link to your blog on my HypnoBirthing Practitioners FB page, as I am sure they will love reading about your journey too xx

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