BLW: Munchin’ mushrooms, crunchin’ carrots & peaches on the palate

It’s day 3 of Blake’s baby led weaning journey.  Today we decided to introduce something sweet to his palate.  Peaches!  I googled to see what I should do with them but could only find advice on what to do if I were to puree them for baby food.  Seeing as I’m not going down that route I decided to keep the skins on and steam them for 5 minutes so that they were nice and soft and juicy for him.  Keeping the skins on meant that the flesh was able to stay in place and he could concentrate on grabbing the pieces and putting them into his mouth.  I figured it was only the same as raw cucumber, pepper or tomato and he has been thieving those off our plates for the past month or so.

At first he wasn’t so keen on the peaches.  I thought it might be because they were bitter but I had a sneaky taste and they were very very sweet and juicy.

What the hell is THIS?!

baby led weaning first foods peaches

The one eyed wince

You do have to be patient with this method of weaning.  After about 10 minutes of just playing with the peaches, squidging them in his hands and bashing them all over his high chair tray he tried again.

Hmmmm this stuff might not be as bad as I first thought...

And he eventually started to enjoy them!

Yeah I'm getting the hang of this. "Millions of peaches, peaches for me!"

Blake spent about 45 minutes discovering this new ‘toy’ and probably ate about 20% of the flesh on the pieces I gave him.  It’s important to note that with BLW, these early days are all about discovery and not necessarily getting three meals a day down him.  He is still breastfeeding so those feeds are the most important thing for him nutritionally.  It also means we have to introduce these foods when he isn’t hungry, or tired, as we don’t want to put him off his breast feeds.  That’s why it is so important to just leave him to it and let him choose what he touches and what he does with it.  Trying to explain to people that they really don’t need to put the food in his hands can prove hard.  After all we’re taught not to play with our food nor waste it from a very early age!  It’s hard going against things we’ve had drummed into us in childhood but this is exactly what he’s doing and what I want him to do right now at this stage.

That same evening we tried steamed carrots and roasted portobello mushrooms.  Unfortunately the carrots took ages to steam, then ages to cool down so it was verging towards 5:45pm before he was given the food.  This really is far too late for him as he is tired and ready for bed by 6pm.  But, I thought I would let him play with the two new foods anyway.  Plus, his Dad wasn’t yet home and I hate putting Blake to bed before he has seen his Daddy.

Crunching on carrots and munching on mushrooms

The carrots mainly got squeezed in his hands but that’s OK – it develops his motor skills!  The mushrooms he did have a go on, they were quite watery though.  He sucked them and this was his reaction:

Pah! Mushrooms, smushrooms!

Right in the middle of all of this, just as he was getting very cranky and agitated Daddy arrived home and saved the day!  He transformed himself into the great ‘Mighty Mushroom Moustache Man!’ and all was happy and well again.

"Behold! For I am Mighty Mushroom Moustache Man!"

"Yep, that's my Dad. It's a shame isn't it?"

9 responses to “BLW: Munchin’ mushrooms, crunchin’ carrots & peaches on the palate

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  2. Bless him. It’s fun to watch them with their facial expressions. Noa loves cucumber but everytime he puts it in his mouth he makes this face like its disgusting! Haha. Roast potatoes, sweet potToes n carrots with some all spice or chili is really easy for them to hold n lovely soft on the inside.

    Love that last pic its brilliant!

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  4. These photos are great! I’m motivated to try several of the same veggies with my Liv soon – thanks for introducing your blog on twitter!

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