Blake’s begun Baby Led Weaning!

“Baby led whaaah?” my husband shrilled in his ‘scouse accent at me when this topic was first mentioned.

“Baby led weaning, a way of introducing him to solid foods.  I want to give it a try”

“Wah will I ‘av to dooo liyke?”

“Nothing really.  Take pictures, don’t stress when he gags and trust him.  That’s it.”

“Yeah wharrevva then.”

If only life was as simple as being a bloke eh?

Baby Led Weaning, or BLW for short is basically letting your baby feed him or herself from the very start of weaning.  Babies reach for food around 6 months of age which is also the World Health Organisation’s recommended age to start a baby on solid food.  I personally wanted to avoid the baby rice, purees and weird baby food combos and I really liked the idea of being able to give a baby whole, organic foods without the need for blending everything, fighting with mush on a spoon and the hassle of ice cube trays.  The family were a bit sceptical but I assured them that even though he only has two little teeth, he’s perfectly capable of chewing food.  So, I got the books (which are brilliant by the way) and researched as much as I could.  I started following the Baby Led Weaning blog, watching what other parents did, what they fed their children and how it worked for them.  I also started to cook meals for Shaun and I from the Baby Led Weaning cookbook.  Baby Led Weaning really emphasises the importance of sitting down together to eat; not just for family time but also so that when Blake is eventually on full meals, he can see that we’re all eating the same thing.  So road testing some of the recipes was fun, time consuming but fun.  Making things from scratch proved to be a new challenge.  The Thai Green Curry paste gave me sore forearms like an Olympic shot putter from grinding all the fresh ingredients and spices in the Pestle & Mortar for an hour but it was worth it – the tastiest veggie curry I have ever made by far and much more delicious than a jar or pouch.  I haven’t made anything from the book that the two of us didn’t like.  The sugar free banana muffins don’t count because it’s my fault I burnt those.  (I was engrossed in an episode of Homes Under the Hammer and left them in too long!  How cool am I eh?  Homes Under the Hammer?!… The shame).

Anyway, I digress.  Back on topic, yesterday we started Blake’s BLW journey.  Here are some pics of his efforts;

Day 1 – Steamed broccoli florets

First taste of Broccoli

Mmmmm taking a bite


Day 2 – Roasted sweet potato fingers

Reaching for his dinner all by himself

First munch

Devouring the sweet potato fingers

I was so pleased and proud of him.  Many parents mention that gagging can be a shock when you start out on the BLW journey but he managed the foods with no problems.  Even my previously half sceptical husband has been won over.

“Go ed, it’s greeaaat this Baby led lark, he shovels stuff in, we take pics and laugh our heads off at him! “

“I know!  Cool isn’t it?  Told you it would be fun.”

“Yeah but, you can clean up the mess.  It was your idea after all!”

7 responses to “Blake’s begun Baby Led Weaning!

  1. You know mydaddycooks on twitter, right? He did BLW with his little boy (now 3) and he’s got a little girl now who’s probably due to wean sometime over the summer.

    He’s probably worth a follow – not least for his recipes.

  2. Hey Hun,,, Im liking the BLW and kind of did it with Charlie without knowing ( ie.. gave him finger food , cheese, carrot sticks etc)although I did start with the pureed stuff at just over 4months..

    Im definitely going to try solely BLW feeding with my next one, and will check out your book recommendations..

    Blake is just goorrrgeous by the way, hardly surprising though considering the parents ;0)

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