My child is going to get me arrested!

Today I have had more disapproving looks than Jodie Marsh on a night out.  What have I done I hear you cry?  Well, nothing!  Honestly.  But if my child’s new vocal noises were to be believed then you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d done one of the following:

  • Flung him into a cloud of swarming bees
  • Left him in the care of Kerry Katona
  • Made him listen to Justin Bieber on repeat for 17 days

He just WILL NOT stop screaming!  And surprise surprise, every single bloody person has tutted, made eye contact and say “Awww, is he teething?!”  (Grrr!)

This is a typical 2 minute example of what Blake has done for approximately 6 hours today:

The trip to Asda was particularly difficult today.  A doddering old dear with probably the best intentions decided to stop me to tell me that he was in pain and that he was spoilt.  I mean, could you insult a new Mum any more?  Cheers Ms Marple, yeah thanks for your diagnosis but stick to watching Midsomer Murders and eating Werthers will you, you don’t know my kid thanks.

But her reaction has got me worried.  Do people hear this and honestly think I need reporting and locking up?!  Or do people sympathise and understand that he’s just discovered his voice and unfortunately loves nothing more than shouting and screaming?  Either way, if you see me in the street or attempting to shop at lightening speed whilst avoiding the disapproving stares of the Grannys please don’t tut and give me that sympathetic look… just pass me the Nurofen!

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